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The Style Mandarina Duck is not widespread in Italy. It 'a style originating in Shandong but transmitted and developed in Liaoning Province. Its name is derived by the alternation of Yin and Yang, hard and soft, long and short. So much open as it is closed in Taolu and effective in martial applications. Provides technical palmata, punch, kick and flying kicks. The style has a wealth of interesting weapons such as the spear, the sword and the short stick. Due to its characteristics it is a style that enhances the appearance and sports and is very competitive on the race track.
Guan Tieyun Dean of the Faculty of Wushu University of Physical Education in Shenyang, one of only six institutions specific to the sport in all of China and the only one of its entire northern region and Eastern Europe. In 1988 he qualified as a national referee with the second highest score of all time, today it is also an international referee also Wushu. Wanping born in Hebei Province in 1950, he began studying Kung Fu at the age of six years. He practiced until the age of 23 years the traditional style Mandarina Duck ("Yuanyang Quan") that is representative of generation VI, succeeding Dong Xichang, V generation. After graduating from the University of Physical Education, Shenyang was then appointed professor at the same. In 1983 he was champion of Traditional Wushu's Liaoning Province, with a performance of Sword and Bagua Quan Yuanyang. Real authority of Chinese traditional Wushu and especially tongbeiquan, who has studied for many years under the guidance of Xue Yihan, one of the heirs of the line of the famous Master Xiu Jianchi fourth generation of the family Tongbei Qi (also called Wuxing Tongbei, or Tongbei of the Five Elements). It was one of the authors of many books such as "tongbeiquan", "styles and weapons of Chinese martial arts" and "The Dictionary of Chinese martial arts." In 1989 he wrote with other authors' Combat free Chinese ", which has been reviewed and approved as an authoritative text of combat by the Research Institute of Wushu in China.
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