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Masters Tong Yuan Wushu

Principal of the Shenyang Physical Education University Wushu Department, one of the only six specifical sport Istitutes in the whole China and the only one in the Northern-east region. In 1988 he qualified as national referee with the second higher score of all times, then he also became international Wushu referee. Nowadays he is the director of the Liaoning region Wushu department. He was born in Wanping, Hebei province, in 1950, he started studying Kung Fu at the age of six. He practiced the traditional fist of the mandarin duck (Yuanyang Quan), whereof he is representative of VI generation, until the age of 23, succeeding to Dong Xichang, V generation. After gratuating at the Shenyang Physical Education University he was nominated professor of the same university.
In 1983 he was Liaoning province Traditional Wushu Champion with a Bagua sword performance and a Yuanyang quan one. A real authority in the traditional Wushu and especially in the Wuxing Tongbei quan, which she studied for long time guided by Xue Yihan, one of the heirs of Master Xiu Jianchi, Tongbei Qi family's IV generation (also known as Wuxing Tongbei, or Tongbei of the five elements). He is one of the authors of many books such as "Tongbeiquan", "Chinese martial arts fists and weapons" and "Chinese martial arts dictionary". In 1989 together with other authors he wrote "Chinese free fighting", which has been evalued and approved by the Chinese Research Wushu Institute as emient text about fighting.
Frequent writer for the monthly magazine "Zhongguo Wushu", he taught Wushu from August 1990 to February 1991 in the japanese city of Kyoto and later in Moscow in Russia. From 2002 he has been teaching Wuxing Tongbeiquan, Bagua Zhang and Yuanyangquan to Master Stanislao Falanga, and from then on he has been guest for some months at the "Teng Long" association in Italy, spreading Traditional Wushu assisted by Master Falanga. In 2005 the latter received the honour of beeing nominated inner disciple, during a ceremony in the presence of many others Liaoning Masters. Master Guan Tieyun is now responsible of the competitions department of Liaoning region on behalf of the Chinese Wushu Federation, as well as member of the eight top experts commission at the Chinese federation. In 2012 Master Guan Tieyun nominated (after taking counsel to Master Falanga) some disciples "Tudi" in Italy, they are the first in West having this honour. the ceremony was taken in Rome.
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